• Huge changes to skill speed and spell speed effectiveness, and the effect is applied to DoTs.
  • New Level 3 Limits Breaks for each individual job. Bard LB3 will no longer be the same as healer.
  • Plan to let you enter dungeons solo, accompanied by NPC allies such as Grand Company soldiers. Maybe in a follow-up patch after 3.0.
  • Some new PvP rules, along with a new frontlines map.



  • 20 new Triple Triad cards in patch 3.0.
  • Adjustments to the way looting in raids works. May only drop gear suitable for the roles of the players who entered, but no promises.
  • Many new tiers of higher item level gear (including PvP gear) to be added all at once, with the most powerful of all coming from the hard mode of Alexander raid.
  • New super weapon questline for Lv60 players, similar to the old LV50 relic/zodiac weapons. Will not necessarily be a continuation — new players can start from the new weapon grind.
  • New AF sets for all jobs at Lv60 (link). May not just be given away as freebies for completing job quests — acquisition method is a secret for now.





  • The 3 new jobs won’t necessarily start at LV1 (remember they are jobs, not classes) but they are not ready to announce a specific number.
  • Dark Knight is MP-based tank, needs MP management to maintain a buffing aura of darkness that is key to both its survival and dealing damage. ┬áHas AOE attacks.
  • Mechanist can use gadgets to buff allies and debuff enemies. Can add attachments to its main-arm (rifle). Can increase damage of its shots the longer you charge/reload, but movement not possible during charge.
  • Astrologian has two stances, one that increases its healing and one that makes barriers. My interprepation is that it has both WHM style and SCH style. Can draw cards with various effects, which you can use right away or hold to combine it with the next card you draw.



  • Alexander is the new endgame raid, taking on the same kind of role that Coil of Bahamut had in ARR series.
  • Both normal and hard difficulty choices this time for raid, however the rewards will be different, so you can still aspire to complete the hard mode eventually, even if you’ve cleared normal.
  • Will alternate between patches with another unannounced raid.



  • Specialization. You can become the apprentice to the guildmaster of your chosen class, increasing what you are able to craft. You can switch to specialize in a different craft class after some delay. My interpretation is that it is similar to the wait time on switching Grand Companies.
  • FC crafting has two main focuses: building parts for your house, and building airships. Airships will consist of many parts, such as the engine and fuel tank. Your choices effect the capabilities of the ship, thus they have stats and ranks. At first, you can only send airship out to scout automatically. In later patches, you can board the FC ships to discover uncharted sky islands which may contain, for example, gathering nodes or NM battles.
  • Update to the materia and meld system.
  • Gatherer progression includes obtaining permits to access special gathering areas with rare materials, or perhaps talismans to reveal special nodes.