• Specialization. You can become the apprentice to the guildmaster of 3 chosen craft classes, increasing your skill in those classes with exclusive actions.
  • FC crafting A basement workshop can be purchased for gil and added to your FC estate. Using this, housing and airships can be crafted.
  • Grade V Materia will be added, maybe after patch 3.0.
  • Scrips will be a kind of currency for DOH/DOL that allow gradual gear progression, similar to the tomestones that DOW/DOM use.
  • Folklore is the name of end-game gathering content, similar to how crafters have master books.
  • Collectible system gives rewards and exp gain for delivery of requested items to Rowena.



  • Changes to skill/spell speed effectiveness, and the effect is applied to DoTs.
  • New Level 3 LBs for each job. Bard LB3 will no longer be the same as healer.
  • Option to enter instanced content with less players than the normal amount.
  • New PvP rules, along with a new frontlines map.



  • 20 new Triple Triad cards in patch 3.0.
  • Allagan Tomestones of Law (no limit) and Esoterics (weekly limit) added.
  • Optional loot settings for pre-made parties, such as allowing the leader to distribute loot, or a greed-only setting where needing is not possible.
  • New upgradable weapon questline for Lv60 players, similar to the old Lv50 relic/zodiac weapons. Will not necessarily be a continuation — new players can start from the new weapon grind, while owners of the old relics will get a kind of bonus.
  • New AF sets for all jobs at Lv60 (link).



  • The 3 new jobs will start at Lv30.
  • Dark Knight is MP-based tank, needs MP management to maintain a buffing aura of darkness that is key to both its survival and dealing damage. Has AOE attacks.
  • Mechanist can use gadgets to buff allies and debuff enemies. Can add attachments to its main-arm (rifle). Can increase damage of its shots the longer you charge/reload, but movement not possible during charge.
  • Astrologian has two stances, one that increases raw healing, the other makes mitigation barriers. Can draw cards with various effects, which you can use right away or hold to combine it with the next card you draw.
  • Old jobs will gain new actions through quest unlock only.



  • Alexander is the new endgame raid, taking on the same kind of role that The Binding Coil of Bahamut had in the ARR series.
  • Alexander (Savage) will open 1 month after the launch of Heavensward and have a 1-a-week loot restriction, but no entry restriction.
  • Additions to Alexander will alternate between patches with another unannounced raid.
  • 8 new dungeons will be added at the start of Heavensward.